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We remove rubbish, clear junk and recycle waste. Gives a call to have your rubbish removed the easy and unexpressive way

Rubbish Removal 4 London - Junk Clearance and Waste Recycling for London

Welcome to the best and fastest rubbish removal company in London. We will offer you a fast services in rubbish clearances, waste removal and general office and house clearance. We will clear all junk including fridges, TV's, old beds and mattresses and even garden waste.

Why use us:

 - We offer outstanding customer service

 - We offer best rubbish removal with discretion

 - We will collect your rubbish within 24hours and              ,   most times on the same day

 - Our prices are the BEST on the market

 - 70% and more of you waste will be recycled

 - We are fully licensed and insured

You don't need to move your junk to outside the property our friendly and efficient stuff will remove the rubbish from your home or office and even clean and sweep after themselves. We have no hidden costs and our prices are know upfront and are found to be the most competitive on the market.

A few easy steps for your rubbish to be removed and recycled:

1. Call us Free on 0800 2 118 568 or make a booking online

2. We give you an estimate over the phone and arrange collection time

3. We come, confirm the price and discreetly collect your rubbish

4. We sweep and clean after ourselves

5. We recycle your waste as much as we can

We collect and remove almost all rubbish and junk except a few hazardous categories of waste which require special removal such as paints,

Our courtesy doesn't stop with just collecting your rubbish. We make sure that your junk or rubbish is recycled as much as possible. The majority goes to recycling depots and licensed transfer stations. Where practical, we look to reuse items by donating them to local charities.  So make the green choice and choose Rubbish Removal 4 London - E&D Cleaning Services Ltd for all your junk removal in London.

Give us a try and see how effective we are. Tel: 02073282080, Mobile: 07951527377

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